Position and History

The Greek island of Hydra is situated Southwest of Athens and at a distance of 44 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. The so called "Princess" of the Saronic Gulf is rightly among the most popular destinations in Greece and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Hydra has, in its entirety, been designated an archaeological site and a monument of civilization, and is protected by the state as an "area of particular natural beauty". Thanks to this treaty, the beauty, harmony and simplicity of the 17th and 18th centuries, during which the amphitheatrical city of Hydra and the surrounding settlements were built for the most part, are diffused in every corner.

In addition, due to the unique vehicle-free and car-free status of the island, the visitor feels that here "time stops" although all modern comforts are available.

In antiquity, the island was covered with pine forests and had a lot of drinking water springs. Hence the name Hydra. Contrary to common belief, the name of the island is not at all related to the multi-headed mythological monster, Lernaean Hydra. Unfortunately, during the Ottoman domination, thousands of trees were cut down to build Hydra's fleet. And thousands of others were used as fuel for the battleships. Over the past few decades, repeated fires destroyed just as much as there had been left.

Today, from the ruins of the Episkopi monastery and the town's mansions - some of which have been converted into luxurious lodgings - to the innumerable chapels and churches, every building and excavation site has their own history to say, some times lost to the labyrinthine paths of the ages.

Cosmopolitan dimension

The beauty, the nobility, tranquility and the high quality services that the island provides, are the main features that visitors seek and find in Hydra. An excellent environment, less than 2 hours from Athens.

From the moment you arrive at the port, it's like going back in time. Even the hero Andreas Miaoulis - whose imposing statue dominates at the entrance of the port as a sign of gratitude and recognition of his leading role in the Greek revolution against the Ottoman Empire - would recognize today (almost 200 years later) if not all , most of the buildings, the streets and the lined alleys.

Thanks to the archeological and town-planning restrictions imposed by a small group of inspired people in the past decades, Hydra was protected by the 60's constructional "revolution", and its beauty has been preserved for modern and future generations to enjoy.

So we welcome you to the island with the rare, cinematic and unparalleled aesthetic landscapes that inspired poets, writers, painters, directors, top actors and other artists, gave birth to great national heroes, admirals and Greek prime ministers, and still attracts some of the greatest personalities of the world.

The island with its delicious flavors, the idyllic turquoise waters, the painted-like landscapes, the hidden, beautiful corners, the secret passages and paths, named "Capri of Greece", and has been worshiped by Sophia Loren, Leonard Cohen, Margott Fontain, Aristotle Onassis, Henry Fonda, Peter Ustinov, Princess Soraya, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacky Kennedy, Joe Dessen, Greta Garbo, Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Paloma Picasso and John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins and so many more, that the list could just go on and on ...

Enjoy your stay at Casa Melenia Hydra and relax your soul in the magical ambiance of this stunning island.

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